1. Can I download my files instantly after purchase?
Yes, dowload will start automatically after purchase has been done.
Also you will receive an e-mail containing the order receipt and download link to the purchased beat as well.
2. How do I become a producer on OsBeats.com?
You can purchase a membership or sign up for free by clicking “Signup” under the navigation tab.
3. How do I upload Music / Beats to my profile?
From you admin panel click Music > Upload Music. Once you have uploaded your music, you can also manage and organize your music as well. Your files are hosted on our secure server and instantly delivered to customers once purchased. Set your license for your music sells as well.
4. How do I purchase a beat?
  • Browse or search for Producers and Beats
  • Click 'Add' next to your selected track(s) on Producer’s profile
  • Select the license type you want to purchase
  • Review and Accept the License Agreement
  • Add all beats you would like to purchase to your shopping cart
  • Enter a coupon code or discount code if the Producer have one for use
  • Click Checkout
  • You will be redirected to PayPal page to complete your oder
  • Enter in Credit Card information or login if you have already a PayPal account and click Send Payment
  • Once successfully purchased, a license and the beat download will start instantly after order has been processed
5. What are the terms of each license and how do I update my license ?
Licensing terms of each Producer are shown on their public profile and can be downloaded. To update your License, go to your admin panel and click on Settings > License Types & Contracts. To update your license information, follow these steps:
  • Click Music and select License Types & Contracts.
  • If you are creating your License for the first time, click on "Add", if you are updating your License, click on "Edit" from the far left "Icon looks like a Pencil".
  • On the next screen, first enter the License Name (Lease Name) - Example name would be "Lease Rights".
  • Next enter Contract (Lease) terms information - Example would be "Sell 2500 copies for $9.99".
  • Complete the same steps for the remaing four sections.
  • Last, enter a signature image. If you have a image of your signature, upload it, or you can upload any image you wish.
  • Finally, scroll back to the top and click "Save & Return".
6. Why are some beats on the website marked as “SOLD”?
This usually means the beat has already been sold exclusively and is no longer offered for sale.
Although it is still available to listen to, it is no longer able to be downloaded or purchased.
7. What am I allowed to do with Free Downloads?
All beats that are on OsBeats listed as free or downloads are ONLY free for non-commercial / non-profitable use on demo-tracks.
No mixtapes / no albums / no video-, TV- or radio-airplay. Free download does not mean a free beat. The purpose is to offer users a pre-listening to decide if the song over my beat(s) is worth to invest in a license. Written credit must be given to the Producer/Owner of the beat in any case.
8. How do I go back to my admin account area?
Click on the Dashboard Icon next to the Search area on the main menu area.
9. How do I get my account verified?
To be considered for a verified account, link your profile to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. To link your account, add your full link of your to your social media field located under Settings > Account Settings. Example link would be http://facebook.com/yourname. Once you link your account, log onto your social meda account which you just linked your profile to and post the following post: MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN LINKED TO MY OSBEATS PROFILE "YOUR OSBEATS USERNAME". Tag in OSBeats to the post using the following usernames:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/myosbeats (myosbeats)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/myosbeats (myosbeats)
Instagram: http://instagram.com/osbeats_ (osbeats_)
Once we receive your message we will review and verify your osbeats profile.
10. Can I make a return after puchase?
No, all sales are final and no refunds will be given to anyone. All tracks on OsBeats.com are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please insure you select the correct track and review your purchase before you make the final payment.
11. How can I climb the charts?
You can sign up for promotion which will bring additional views to your profile page and music. Gain a social following and send out to your following to "like" your music and beats. The more followers and supporters who you get to like your music, the higher on the charts you will climb.
12. How do I sign up for Music Distribution?
From your admin panel, click Music Distribution > Music Distribution Add. Follow the forms directions and fill out all required fields on the form. Click Save and pay the distribution fee. If you are a Pro member, this fee will be waved
13. Why doesn't my profile show after I register?
Once registered for a account, go to your email and click on the confirmation email. If you do not see the confirmation email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Once back on the site, log into your account. Once logged in, you will be at your admin panel. You will see a message that says complete your profile. Click the link and fill out your profile information. When you get to the section where it ask to fill in your social media accounts, please add your social media links, example would be "http://twitter.com/myosbeats". Insure you fill in the whole link and not just the name. If you do not have a specific social media account, for example "Google" then just put "NA" in the section. This will complete your registration.
14. How does my music / beats make it to the Charts? 
  • Charts are calculated every 24hrs. A list of all the beats either played , downloaded or purchased over the past 7 days from the day of chart being calculated are filtered , these beats are eligible to be on chart. All inactive beats with in the past 7 days are kicked off as being inactive or dormant. 
  • Each action will credit a relevant score to the beat as a example , Play = 1 point , download = 1 point , purchase = 100 points , and then a total score for that beat is total for a fine score.
  • Order of highest score to lowest is calculated into the Global chart for all beats and can be filtered for genre charts.
  • Summary: Promote your uploaded music / beats and keep activity to them in order to keep them active on the Charts. Encourge sales, plays, and downloads to increase your ranking and Top the Charts.
15. Can I see examples of music distributed through your service?
Yes, Please click on the links below to see examples:
 Artist: iStacks
 GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/1EHaKY4
 + hunderds of more online websites and mobile partners.