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Static Phree
News Feed Now you can no longer steal my music without paying hope you downloaded enough the free ride over.


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Licence Information
License Rights
  • 1 Profitable/Commercial Use
  • Sell up to 1500 units/downloads
  • Receive Untagged High Quality MP3
  • Beat can still be sold
  • No Sole Ownership
  • No Radio/T.V. Airplay
  • Credit Must Be Given to Producer
  •           (Big Serg Dawg)
  • Beat Delivered Instantly
Premium Rights license (negotiable)
  • 10 Profitable/Commercial
  • Sell up to 5000 Units/Downloads
  • Receive Tracked Out Wav
  • Beat Can Still Be Sold
  • No Sole Ownership
  • Credit Must Be Given to Producer
  •        (Big Serg Dawg)
Exclusive Rights License
  • Unlimited Profitable?Commercial Use
  • Unlimited T.V./Video Airplay
  • Recieve Tracked Out Wav Files
  • Beat Can No Longer Be Sold
  • No Credit Has To Be Given To Producer
  •          (Big Serg Dawg)